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community relations

Oppose the construction of a stadium on campus or in the community, period.

Increase clothing and food drives to be open to the community.

Pursue TUAlerts be expanded to community members to choose to receive.

Establish a university-sponsored day of service each semester for students to perform an act of service in the community. 

Establish an expansive anti-littering campaign to highlight the harmful impact of students trashing neighborhoods they occupy.

Establish a North Philadelphia advisory board composed of the Director of Local & Community Affairs, residents and leaders in the North Philadelphia community, and other representatives to produce actionable recommendations to improve community relations. 

Work with the New Student and Family Programs to create a historical component of orientation so that incoming students learn about the history of the community that we live in. 

Encourage Temple students who come from the North Philadelphia area to apply to be Director of Local & Community Affairs in a RenewTU administration.

Use TSG social media and outreach to highlight a local business each week. 


Continue BloomTU’s push for fossil fuel divestment.  

Advocate for Temple University to be carbon-neutral by 2035 rather than 2050.

Organize expansive student-run cleanup efforts of off-campus neighborhoods to give back to the community we reside in. 

Work with Temple Dining to transition single-use items into compostable products. 

Work with Temple Dining and dining establishments on and around campus to phase out plastic straw use. 

Pursue increased bike-sharing opportunities in and around campus for students and community members. 

Work with the university to pursue a shift to compost disposal of food waste. 

Encourage the university to purchase electric vehicles to replace older, fuel-inefficient vehicles. 

Encourage the university to install rain gardens, implement clean runoff practices, and utilize water-permeable paved surfaces in new construction to prevent the outflow of sewage, reduce runoff, and replenish groundwater supply.

Advocate for all new plants to be native to protect native biodiversity.

Advocate for all new construction on campus to utilize innovative green technology so Temple University can become a national model of a green campus. 

Encourage the university to install new, more energy efficient infrastructure, clean energy production methods, and to reduce emissions from current infrastructure.

Increase outreach on Temple’s environmental impact, ways students can help, and environmental justice. 

campus safety

Advocate for the university to reform TUAlerts to improve speed, accuracy, and quantity.

Establish an advisory board to be composed of student body representatives, community members, university administrators, and Temple Police to produce actionable changes to the quality of policing and community relations. 

Establish a task force to improve the transparency, scope, and quality of Temple Police, and produce actionable recommendations for the benefit of our community. 

Advocate for the establishment of a mental health response team separate from the police force. 
Work with the university to build an application for students to check in when walking across campus and check out when they have arrived at their destination.

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